Sacred Sonica

Join us in circle and come together in celebration of sound


Sacred Sonica

Join us in circle and come together in celebration of sound
Wednesday, January 24th |  7-8:30pm

Join us, Danielle and Sarah this Tuesday, November 28th from 7-9pm, in Danielle’s home, for SACRED SONICA where we will come together in celebration of sound. Every ancient civilization and culture around the world have used sound and music as medicine. Song, dance, meditation, prayer and celebration have all been and continue to be tools of ceremony. Using the vibrational medicine of sound; chanting, vocal toning and sacred instruments we will be present to the sacred within.

Together, we will be active participants, in voice and breath, in the experience of harmonic resonance.

Women have been using their voices for centuries to move mountains and heal the deepest wounds. Simultaneously our voices have been silenced, shrouded and buried deep within for our own survival. We offer this experience, as a healing space, to come together in a safe circle of women to unite our voices and breath together in the name of being heard, wholling and releasing that which no longer serves us as individuals and as a collective. We will connect with the wisdom of our matriarchal lineage and call forth our ancestors as we journey with the medicine of the dark feminine. Honouring our depth and mystery as women, our gifts of introspection, powerful intuition, emotionally driven self-expression, unyielding resilience, and our ability to embrace the unknown.

Please bring a photo or item of significance to honour your matriarchal lineage, or an item from nature to represent your connection to the Earth Mother, to be placed on the collective altar and returned to you.
Come as you are.

We welcome you,
Danielle and Sarah

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