Cyclical Living as Spiritual Practice

Embodying Nature’s Rhythm in Reverence of Your Own

“Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world. Receiving the gifts with open eyes and an open heart.”

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer



Lunar Yoga: Each cycle begins anew on the Monday closest to the new moon.

My yoga offerings are rooted in the traditional teachings of Hatha yoga. Mindful vinyasa is woven together with nature based wisdom to inspire the day to day living of this practice.  A moving prayer, connecting the mind,  body and soul.  A practice  which inspires the cultivation of self awareness, tuning into the breath, and cyclical energetics to enliven the spirit of connection.

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Healing Touch – Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that supports the flow of universal life force energy throughout the body.

Reiki involves a series of gentle hand placements on the body while fully clothed.  These placements encourage energy flow by addressing energetic blocks that may be experienced as dis-ease and discomfort in the body/mind/ and spirit.

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Lunar Guidance

60 minutes $144

Discover your natural rhythms through the lens of lunar cycles. The New Moon Calendar Journal created by April McMurtry of The Moon is My Calendar, is a tool for aligning with inner and outer cycles, and leads to the development of rhythmic intelligence. This beautiful journal is Nature’s healing container.

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My given name is Danielle.

I am forever deepening my relationship with nature, allowing curiosity to inform my being. Discovering my place on the land and re-membering ancestral ways. Practicing life as ceremony in devotion to the ordinary, everyday magic.

There is a rhythm that runs through all cycles.