My yoga offerings are rooted in the traditional teachings of Hatha yoga. Mindful vinyasa is woven together with nature based wisdom to inspire the day to day living of this practice. A practice which inspires the cultivation of self-awareness, tuning into the breath, and cyclical energetics to enliven the spirit of connection.
For when we look to the rhythm of nature; and draw inspiration from the lunar cycle, seasonal cycles, and elemental energies we connect more deeply to our own inner cycles. This connection allows for our fullest, most radiant expression.

Lunar Yoga

Each cycle begins anew on the Monday closest to the new moon.

90 minute class
Monday Mornings 10am

$111 for 4 sessions

Series of four offerings taking us through an entire lunar cycle to deepen cyclical awareness.

When our practice is guided by the energy of the moon we find more ease in connecting with our own rhythm. Balancing yin and yang, the lunar and solar, action and rest, this 4 week series draws inspiration from the lunar phases and the lunar zodiac. We will embark on a journey with the rhythm that runs through one full lunar cycle from New moon, waxing first quarter moon, Full Moon, and waning last quarter moon into Dark Moon.

Seasonal Yoga

60 minute class: Tuesday 10am

$25 drop-in
$80 for 4 sessions
$260 for 13 sessions (spanning the length of the season)

Winter Flow / Spring Flow / Summer Flow / Fall Flow

An embodied practice to attune ourselves to the energy of the current season and move with the rhythm of nature. Intentional breath and movement are married together to honour the body’s natural rhythm and create stillness of the mind.

This seasonal flow will aid in cultivating self-awareness and alignment with our natural rhythm so that we may move through the world feeling more resourced, more present, and more deeply connected.

Candlelit Restorative Yoga and Sound Blessing

90 minute class
Wednesday evenings 7pm

$30 drop in
$114 for 4 sessions

A space to honour sacred pause.  Be invited into stillness in cultivation of the practice of rest as sacred necessity.  Feel deeply supported by the use of bolsters, blankets and eye pillows as you rest in a series of restorative positions lasting 5-10 minutes each.  In this offering you will find yourself immersed in your senses, guided by candle light and the sounds of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tongue drum, gong and nature soundscape.