“We turn the wheel of the year. We are time unfolding – seasons following seasons flowing through us, bodies, hearts, minds.”

~ Maeanna Welti



My yoga offerings are rooted in the traditional teachings of Hatha yoga. Mindful vinyasa is woven together with nature based wisdom to inspire the day to day living of this practice. A practice which inspires the cultivation of self-awareness, tuning into the breath, and cyclical energetics to enliven the spirit of connection.
For when we look to the rhythm of nature; and draw inspiration from the lunar cycle, seasonal cycles, and elemental energies we connect more deeply to our own inner cycles. This connection allows for our fullest, most radiant expression.

Lunar Yoga

Each cycle begins anew on the Monday closest to the new moon.

90 minute class
Monday Mornings 10am

$111 for 4 sessions

Series of four offerings taking us through an entire lunar cycle to deepen cyclical awareness.

When our practice is guided by the energy of the moon we find more ease in connecting with our own rhythm. Balancing yin and yang, the lunar and solar, action and rest, this 4 week series draws inspiration from the lunar phases and the lunar zodiac. We will embark on a journey with the rhythm that runs through one full lunar cycle from New moon, waxing first quarter moon, Full Moon, and waning last quarter moon into Dark Moon.

Seasonal Yoga

60 minute class: Tuesday 10am

$25 drop-in
$80 for 4 sessions
$260 for 13 sessions (spanning the length of the season)

Winter Flow / Spring Flow / Summer Flow / Fall Flow

An embodied practice to attune ourselves to the energy of the current season and move with the rhythm of nature. Intentional breath and movement are married together to honour the body’s natural rhythm and create stillness of the mind.

This seasonal flow will aid in cultivating self-awareness and alignment with our natural rhythm so that we may move through the world feeling more resourced, more present, and more deeply connected.

Candlelit Restorative Yoga and Sound Blessing

90 minute class
Wednesday evenings 7pm

$30 drop in
$114 for 4 sessions

A space to honour sacred pause.  Be invited into stillness in cultivation of the practice of rest as sacred necessity.  Feel deeply supported by the use of bolsters, blankets and eye pillows as you rest in a series of restorative positions lasting 5-10 minutes each.  In this offering you will find yourself immersed in your senses, guided by candle light and the sounds of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tongue drum, gong and nature soundscape.

Introductory Lunar Charting Workshop

Sunday March 24th, 2024 | 1pm – 3pm
$125 includes “The New Moon Calendar Journal”

Lunar tracking is a practice that invites us into connection with the outer cycles of nature and our inner landscape. Tuning into our natural rhythms supports us in navigating the ever unfolding seasons of our lives with more compassion, joy and connection to our centre. It helps us to notice subtle shifts in energy and become more responsive to change.

Finding our rhythm with the moon supports self-study in relationship with nature;  this practice illuminates the passing of time as a sacred expression of cycles.
For when we notice time in this way,  we practice loving awareness and reverence for the conscious, creative living of our lives.

What to expect

—Guided breathwork to attune to your rhythm
—Introduction to the practice of lunar charting including symbolic language, the rhythm that runs through all cycles, setting aligned intentions, and suggestions for tracking.
—Creative practice to unearth your vision for the unfolding of the next 12 lunar cycles of 2024
—An exciting invitation to deepen your practice with self-study in relationship to cycles in a supportive community.

If you feel the call to invite more everyday magic into your life, and embrace your cyclical wellness with ease and flow,  I am here to welcome you.

Sound Blessing

A sound blessing to inspire the art of noticing the seasonal medicine of winter

90 minute sound meditation and guided personal reflection — $60

This is a nourishing space to be invited into ceremony with ourselves, where we experience sound as a blessing, to inspire the noticing of the medicine of winter. And to deepen our connection to this season in understanding of our own inner cycles and sacred rhythm.

Winter is a time of powerful inward reflection when nature calls us to allow space for deep and radical rest. A time of deep listening in which to enter into relationship with the unknown. Exploring the ways we can draw wisdom from the darkness and the gifts of winter.

During this winter season, may we be called into the presence of the beauty of surrender, of the importance of rest as restoration, of expansive awareness, of time for visioning and making meaning and of gentle presence and grace, not only in remembrance of who we are, but also who we are becoming.

You may expect gentle breathwork, guided personal reflection and a meditative experience where you will be deeply supported in a restorative position, supported by the use of bolsters blankets, and eye pillows.

You will be invited into rest and restoration with the sound vibration of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tongue drum gong and nature soundscape.

Lunar Radiance Circle

A Monthly New Moon Women’s Circle (7-9pm)
Once a month on the Wednesday closest to the New Moon
February 7, March 6
$25 drop in
$66 seasonal membership

Let us come together to navigate these transformational times. May we be held, supported and witnessed within a radiant community of women who are consciously showing up to life, in all the ways. Embracing the unknown, the beauty and the mess, while moving towards wholeness.

Come as you are with the simple willingness to be in community with women who are walking along alongside each other with open hearts. Longing for something more, with an ache to heal the world, and to heal themselves. Stoking the flames of their desire to discover, speak and live their truth. Reawakening the wild within and connecting to ancestral ways.

Let us remember the web of connection we weave when we are together.
For who and what we surround ourselves with becomes the fabric of our daily lives.

We will enliven our spirit, tune in to our inner landscape and connect to our core desires. Our gatherings will honour movement, meditation, breath, and connection to the Lunar cycle. Creating a deeper relationship with the seasons and cycles to embody the ways of nature and step into our radiance.

Drop in OR Devote yourself to gathering the medicine over 3 cycles through one full season ( Winter | Spring | Summer | or Fall ) with a Lunar Radiance Circle Seasonal Membership.

Sacred Sonica

Join us in circle and come together in celebration of sound
Wednesday, January 24th |  7-8:30pm

Join us, Danielle and Sarah this Tuesday, November 28th from 7-9pm, in Danielle’s home, for SACRED SONICA where we will come together in celebration of sound. Every ancient civilization and culture around the world have used sound and music as medicine. Song, dance, meditation, prayer and celebration have all been and continue to be tools of ceremony. Using the vibrational medicine of sound; chanting, vocal toning and sacred instruments we will be present to the sacred within.

Together, we will be active participants, in voice and breath, in the experience of harmonic resonance.

Women have been using their voices for centuries to move mountains and heal the deepest wounds. Simultaneously our voices have been silenced, shrouded and buried deep within for our own survival. We offer this experience, as a healing space, to come together in a safe circle of women to unite our voices and breath together in the name of being heard, wholling and releasing that which no longer serves us as individuals and as a collective. We will connect with the wisdom of our matriarchal lineage and call forth our ancestors as we journey with the medicine of the dark feminine. Honouring our depth and mystery as women, our gifts of introspection, powerful intuition, emotionally driven self-expression, unyielding resilience, and our ability to embrace the unknown.

Please bring a photo or item of significance to honour your matriarchal lineage, or an item from nature to represent your connection to the Earth Mother, to be placed on the collective altar and returned to you.
Come as you are.

We welcome you,
Danielle and Sarah

Reserve your spot here:

Autumnal Equinox Blessing

The autumnal equinox is a balance point of light and dark, of hope and shadow.

$176 | Join us for this Fall Equinox Blessing | Saturday, Sept. 23rd | 9:45-11:45am

Birchcliff Neighbourhood — Location Provided upon Registration

Blessing and Seasonal Intentions
Sound Meditation with Essential Oil Activations & Flower Essence Journey
Deep Listening and Self Exploration
Inspired Communication
Community & Connection

Join us, Alia and Danielle as we offer a blessing, to initiate you into the season of fall and all of the medicine this potent season has to offer.

Come away feeling a renewed sense of the beauty that the earth so graciously offers, feeling resourced to support yourself in deep inner work and refuge.

May you meet your delicate self in navigating the transition of the death of summer whilst standing on the precipice of autumn. Bid farewell to full blooming vibrancy, radiant skin held in sun’s embrace and the companionship of lake water’s calm, cool ripples. Come closer to the shadows, to your raw and tender places. May you open to the season with all that you are, considering grief as gratitude for what you love so dearly that you mourn its loss. May you welcome the blessings of grief to live life more fully.

Lunar Guidance

60 minutes – $152

Lunar charting is a transformational practice. A journey that will take you on a pilgrimage home to yourself. Whether you are seasoned in lunar charting or are new to the practice, this is an invitation to deepen your connection.

– Lunar phases and energetics
– Lunar charting –  the use of symbols and orbits
– Setting intentions
– Elemental archetypes
– The art of noticing –  identifying areas in your life that you want to chart
– Lunar astrology and zodiac cycles
– The wisdom of cycles within cycles
– Creative mandala practice
– Discovering your natal moon phase and how this energy inspires your life
– Identifying blocks and limiting beliefs, inviting abundance
– Reflection and release – identifying what feels in alignment and what needs to be released

Noticing is in my nature. It is how I communicate with the natural world, how I make sense of the world around me, the people I encounter along the way and the experiences that colour my life. It was the Moon that invited me into relationship with noticing and the realization that this noticing was indeed a gift, an expression of personal medicine meant to be shared with the world. She was a gateway into deeper connection with the natural world and a rhythmic self awareness that continues to inspire me to show up to my life in beauty and reverence.

Discover your natural rhythms through the lens of lunar cycles. The New Moon Calendar Journal created by April McMurtry of The Moon is My Calendar, is a tool for aligning with inner and outer cycles, and leads to the development of rhythmic intelligence. This beautiful journal is Nature’s healing container. A space to be in rhythm with circular time, to record health and wellness practices, to observe personal energetics and emotions, to set intentions, to explore creative practice, to identify patterns and to reflect and release and come to know that the end is truly the beginning.

The New Moon Calendar Journal is included in this offering.

Be invited into deeper relationship with nature and yourself. As a Moon Guide Facilitator with The Moon is my Calendar, I would be honoured to support you in this journey.

1:1 sessions and small group workshops available. A complimentary 1/2hr phone call to discuss the area of your interest is included before our session together. For group offerings, please reach out to discuss.


In partnership together we, Alia and Danielle, have created DEVOTIONAL — a monthly in person gathering, to come together in community and embark on a journey of devotion.

It is our deepest intention to create a nourishing space in which we feel held in the deep knowing of our belonging and in re-membrance of the innate wisdom that lies within us.  This heart offering Is about sharing space together, in devotion to creating a life we love, as much as it is anything else.  A space where we can feel into the experience of being alive together. Sharing in the connection of what this means for each of us.

Be inspired by seasonal practices, tools and teachings rooted in traditional yogic philosophy, somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, creative practice,  the art of noticing, embodied connection with nature,  cyclical awareness and lunar wisdom, balancing and grounding with the elements, plant medicine and essential oils.

We will embark on a devotional journey of self discovery that transforms our experience of being alive by living consciously.

Each Devotional month is rooted in a specific theme tied to the energy of the season. Bringing us back into a relationship with a living world and re-membering the wisdom that lives deep within our bones. It is in this way that we invite a life of joyful ease, make medicine from our wounds, and find deeper connection to each other, ourselves and the natural world.  That we may come to know our inner landscape and draw upon this knowing as though it were a compass bringing us into alignment with our purpose. For it is in living in devotion to this purpose that allows us to build a bridge from the heart out into the world to share our unique medicine.

Each gathering will honour:
– Breathwork and tuning into personal rhythms
– A sharing around the wisdom and energy of the season through activities such as: creative practice, embodied rituals, guided meditations, practical tools, sharing seasonal resources, time spent in nature, ceremony, poetry etc.
– Yoga / somatic movement
– Personal reflection and Community share

“The mystery of emptiness and fulfillment, loneliness and all-one-ness, surrounds you each day. The lessons teach you to realize that your own body/mind is the container of love. Within you are worlds and beings, lands and adventures that guide your every day life. Recognize that you have been given time, and time is the road on which you lay your life day by day. Through time, you are to love. Lessons come your way and you are to live each one in the highest love that you can generate, offering every life experience to that embodiment of all love, the Great Spirit within. Spirit dwells everywhere and it is up to you to find it. You have been given a life of time in which to do so. How do you spend your time is how you love. What you spend your time doing is that what you are devoted. What you are devoted to is your religion. Your religion is your spiritual expression. It does not have to be formal and dogmatic. Life is to be your love, your expression, your devotion.  Every moment is an opportunity for sacrament or sacrifice. You can make life sacred or profane.”
—Carol Bridges from “The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook”

Devotional is:
– An in person monthly gathering to share space together in devotion to creating a life we love
– An opportunity to deepen your relationship with cycles and cyclical living
– A space to be inspired by practical tools that help you to feel resourced as you walk through the seasons of your life
– An invitation to nurture your connection to the natural world and uncover that everything in nature is medicine for your life

What we Bring: 
– a combined 400 + hours of YTT
– Both mothers of 3 with children spanning the ages of 8 – 17 years
– Living heart led, intentional lives with daily personal practices  that centre around cyclical living and the embodiment of the ways of nature, including a deep relationship with the lunar cycle.
– connections to the subtle realm and mutually rich relationships with our intuition and personal rhythms

Let us be in DEVOTION together
—Alia and Danielle

Summer Solstice Gathering

Sunday, June 11/23 (10am-1pm)
Location: Rhythm and Reverence home studio in The Scarborough Bluffs
Refreshments and light snacks
Energetic exchange $148

**Please register by June 9th to secure your spot 

Join us June 11th, in celebration of the upcoming Summer Solstice.  We will come together to radiate our truest expression, revel in the rays of the sun and the glory of what the light reveals.

We will commune with seasonal plants and flowers in collective creation of an earth mandala, a powerful energetic space holder for our time together.  We will then be led by Polly and Emily of East of Pine in the heartfelt creation of a hand dyed silk scarf or organic cotton shawl.   Danielle of Rhythm and Reverence will then guide us through breathwork and a mindful solstice yoga flow. nourishing mind, body and spirit.  We will seal the energy we have created together with the opportunity to sit in circle together and reveal the the magic of our chosen plants as they appear indelibly imprinted, with the intention to adorn ourselves and be reminded of our sacred vow infused during the creative process.

We look forward to welcoming you,
Danielle, Polly and Emily

*All offerings are held in my sunshine filled home studio nestled in the Scarborough Bluffs. Also home to our sweet shepherd/retriever and two kitties, for those of you who need to be mindful of allergies.