“We turn the wheel of the year. We are time unfolding – seasons following seasons flowing through us, bodies, hearts, minds.”

~ Maeanna Welti


Lunar Guidance

60 minutes – $152

Lunar charting is a transformational practice. A journey that will take you on a pilgrimage home to yourself. Whether you are seasoned in lunar charting or are new to the practice, this is an invitation to deepen your connection.

– Lunar phases and energetics
– Lunar charting –  the use of symbols and orbits
– Setting intentions
– Elemental archetypes
– The art of noticing –  identifying areas in your life that you want to chart
– Lunar astrology and zodiac cycles
– The wisdom of cycles within cycles
– Creative mandala practice
– Discovering your natal moon phase and how this energy inspires your life
– Identifying blocks and limiting beliefs, inviting abundance
– Reflection and release – identifying what feels in alignment and what needs to be released

Noticing is in my nature. It is how I communicate with the natural world, how I make sense of the world around me, the people I encounter along the way and the experiences that colour my life. It was the Moon that invited me into relationship with noticing and the realization that this noticing was indeed a gift, an expression of personal medicine meant to be shared with the world. She was a gateway into deeper connection with the natural world and a rhythmic self awareness that continues to inspire me to show up to my life in beauty and reverence.

Discover your natural rhythms through the lens of lunar cycles. The New Moon Calendar Journal created by April McMurtry of The Moon is My Calendar, is a tool for aligning with inner and outer cycles, and leads to the development of rhythmic intelligence. This beautiful journal is Nature’s healing container. A space to be in rhythm with circular time, to record health and wellness practices, to observe personal energetics and emotions, to set intentions, to explore creative practice, to identify patterns and to reflect and release and come to know that the end is truly the beginning.

The New Moon Calendar Journal is included in this offering.

Be invited into deeper relationship with nature and yourself. As a Moon Guide Facilitator with The Moon is my Calendar, I would be honoured to support you in this journey.

1:1 sessions and small group workshops available. A complimentary 1/2hr phone call to discuss the area of your interest is included before our session together. For group offerings, please reach out to discuss.

*All offerings are held in my sunshine filled home studio nestled in the Scarborough Bluffs. Also home to our sweet shepherd/retriever and two kitties, for those of you who need to be mindful of allergies.