Introductory Lunar Charting Workshop

Discover your natural rhythm through the lens of lunar cycles


Introductory Lunar Charting Workshop

Saturday February 10th, 2024 | 11am – 1pm
$125 includes “The New Moon Calendar Journal”

Lunar tracking is a practice that invites us into connection with the outer cycles of nature and our inner landscape. Tuning into our natural rhythms supports us in navigating the ever unfolding seasons of our lives with more compassion, joy and connection to our centre. It helps us to notice subtle shifts in energy and become more responsive to change.

Finding our rhythm with the moon supports self-study in relationship with nature;  this practice illuminates the passing of time as a sacred expression of cycles.
For when we notice time in this way,  we practice loving awareness and reverence for the conscious, creative living of our lives.

What to expect

—Guided breathwork to attune to your rhythm
—Introduction to the practice of lunar charting including symbolic language, the rhythm that runs through all cycles, setting aligned intentions, and suggestions for tracking.
—Creative practice to unearth your vision for the unfolding of the next 12 lunar cycles of 2024
—An exciting invitation to deepen your practice with self-study in relationship to cycles in a supportive community.

If you feel the call to invite more everyday magic into your life, and embrace your cyclical wellness with ease and flow,  I am here to welcome you.