Lunar Radiance Circle

Tuning into New Moon energetics and our own inner rhythms


Lunar Radiance Circle

A Monthly New Moon Women’s Circle (7-9pm)
Once a month on the Wednesday closest to the New Moon
February 7, March 6
$25 drop in
$66 seasonal membership

Let us come together to navigate these transformational times. May we be held, supported and witnessed within a radiant community of women who are consciously showing up to life, in all the ways. Embracing the unknown, the beauty and the mess, while moving towards wholeness.

Come as you are with the simple willingness to be in community with women who are walking along alongside each other with open hearts. Longing for something more, with an ache to heal the world, and to heal themselves. Stoking the flames of their desire to discover, speak and live their truth. Reawakening the wild within and connecting to ancestral ways.

Let us remember the web of connection we weave when we are together.
For who and what we surround ourselves with becomes the fabric of our daily lives.

We will enliven our spirit, tune in to our inner landscape and connect to our core desires. Our gatherings will honour movement, meditation, breath, and connection to the Lunar cycle. Creating a deeper relationship with the seasons and cycles to embody the ways of nature and step into our radiance.

Drop in OR Devote yourself to gathering the medicine over 3 cycles through one full season ( Winter | Spring | Summer | or Fall ) with a Lunar Radiance Circle Seasonal Membership.